Reliable Fast BPO Photography Services throughout Maryland.

Part Time Photography Jobs

We are always looking for extra staff to join us in Maryland

  • Simple as needed work.
  • Select your coverage area by zip codes.
  • Get paid weekly - if earnings are over $28.
  • No experience required.

All you need is a reliable vehicle, GPS, digital camera, and internet access.

More Info

Welcome to a new way of field photography...

Regardless of whether you’re in the real estate BPO or REO business, a private investor, a bank asset manager, an insurance professional, or in a business requiring field photography services, Velocity REOS can help you. After just a few clicks of your mouse, we can deliver photos to you ― quickly and professionally. We are in the business of field photography. Our goal is to find the best photographers in the locations our clients are requesting. With a portal that took more than 30 months to construct, we have the tools required to deliver photos, in most cases the same day you place the order. Our team, which started with just one, has grown to include more than 6,100 members. Let us help you today...

How do we do it? 

Each order placed into our portal will be sent to our closest photographer. He/she arrives to the requested location and takes the photos required. Once completed, the photos are uploaded, reviewed by our agency, and emailed directly to our client. Any comments regarding the property will also be emailed to our client. 




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